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Complete Digital

Webb Financial Group

2023 has moved beyond paper to a fully integrated electronic solution.

DocuSign has automated signatures, enables straight through processing and transforms client experiences.

  • Client onboarding

  • New account opening

  • IRA and 401k rollovers

  • Transfer of assets

  • Account change/maintenance forms

  • Change of address

  • Beneficiary forms

  • Standing EFT forms


This improves accuracy and data security. DocuSign helps wealth management firms meet compliance requirements by controlling the signing process and ensuring all information remains secure. A complete and legally-binding, court admissible audit trail accompanies each document. Plus DocuSign has achieved the highest level of security certification, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, and is PCI compliant and TRUSTe certified.

Fidelity and Schwab have moved digital for 2023. Expect to provide an email, cell number and have access to a computer or phone app for all forms. If you do not have a computer, we have one on-site at our office.

We can all save on additional commissions moving to digital.

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