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Gary Webb

Chief Executive Officer

Registered Financial Consultant
Certified Kingdom Advisor


Since he was young, Gary worked hard and saved. Sometimes working two jobs at the same time even while in college.  After working in the corporate world after college and investing in a 401K plan, he decided he wanted to work in the family business.

Since coming on board in 1998, Gary has been instrumental in continuing to develop and nurture many of the long-term relationships, that have been the core of the business for decades. He takes pride in the fact that the firm has minimal client turnover - many clients have been with Webb Financial for over 20-30 years and several as long as 50 years.

As a Registered Financial Consultant, Gary works with each client to design a long-term financial plan based on their individual goals, objectives, values and commitments.

Retirement Planning is his special interest, and as much as he likes helping people build their investment portfolios, Gary's greatest reward comes from seeing clients realize their goals and having been a part of that process.

It is no surprise then that his passion for helping people to plan and grow and steward their personal wealth, spills over into his private life as well. Gary is a strong believer in giving back to those around him in the community by speaking to graduating high school seniors about the importance of budgeting and managing credit, through his church, counseling engaged and married couples on financial matters, and leading seminars and courses that enable families to establish good saving, spending and budgeting habits.

Meet with Gary
1 hr
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"I'm not like most planners. While many are all about the bottom line, the thrill I get is from building relationships. Those relationships eventually surpass the business - we become an extension of our client's families."  - Gary Webb

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