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We Create Custom Diversified Portfolios Tailored to Meet Your Goals


Today your financial situation may be more complex than ever. There are more investment options today than ever before. With a plethora of information and strong media attention on fees vs. performance, like many successful individuals, you have sought an experienced team to help you meet the challenges of growing and preserving your wealth. We blend our investment strategy with your tolerance for risk, and optimize the balance of risk vs. reward. We actively manage our portfolios using a variety of strategies and rebalancing tactics to help your money work for you and realize your financial goals.  The investment advisors at Webb Financial Group will work with you to invest your wealth in accordance with your goals and objectives.

Investment Process

  • Step 1: Understanding your goals and risk profile. 
    You and your advisor should discuss your financial objectives, investment experience, and opinion on financial markets.


  • Step 2: Developing an asset allocation plan.
    Together you can develop a plan that captures your financial goals, risk tolerance, and overall investment strategy while being sensitive to restrictions you may have established.


  • Step 3: Choosing investment vehicles.
    Your advisor will then select investment vehicles that are consistent with your financial plan. Some examples may be mutual funds, separate accounts, or individual securities.


  • Step 4: Monitoring and reporting.
    A key role of your investment advisor is to monitor your managed accounts and suggest any changes that might be necessary in your asset allocation (or other aspects of your financial plan).

Reality: Of the investors that try to manage thier own accounts following 'hot tips', many tend to take on more risk than necessary, and underperform.

How has your strategy worked for you? Are you taking on too much risk?

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