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Long Term Care Planning Is More Than Just Insurance

Tim Greife-Financial Advisor

Many of us have experienced some sort of long term care scenario. In many cases, it involves a relative, typically in the golden years of their lives. It can happen when we are young too. Discussing long term care is typically one of the most challenging subjects to talk about.


We put it off when we are young for many reasons: it’s a lifetime away, it’s not going to happen to me, or I’m going to self-insure. 


There are many important things to consider, even if we plan to  self insure. These considerations are more than financial.
Do we want to be able to have a choice in our care facility?
Will personal care by my family be a guardian?
Are we trying to protect assets that we want to go to our heirs?

Regardless of our thoughts on it, the first thing we all need to do is to become educated. Only then can we make an informed decision on how we plan for our future, and our families future. Do you have a plan? 

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