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This World It Is A Changing - So Can We

By Gary Webb

As the chapter of another year closes, we would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of you for your continued business and trust in


In 2020, we had the first part of a year that was “normal”, prior to the
pandemic being realized. We all thought we would be out of the woods
sometime in 2020 or early 2021. Not quite the way it has turned out.

This year, like last year, has been filled with many challenges and some
victories. Every one of you has a story to tell. Every year is different, but this one has been filled with more changes than normal. It has been said that people are usually afraid of change because they fear the unknown. However, the single greatest constant throughout history is that everything changes. The world has adapted to big disruptions before, and we’re simply in the process of doing it again.

The media sensationalizes the negatives that take place, and that has been especially true during this global pandemic. I have decided not to review that side of life. We know it all too well. I am focusing on the positives, and the wonderful personal things that I am grateful for, that happened during 2021.


Opportunities to do more for others presented themselves to me in 2021. My wife and I are fostering an eleven year-old abused dog. I am currently caring for a younger brother whose knee surgery recovery hasn’t gone well. Our neighbors have rallied together to help a fellow neighbor, a young mother, whose husband recently passed away from ALS at age 43.

We can all do more to make the world a better place even in tough times. That is my encouragement to you for 2022. Search for ways to help someone else. Small acts of kindness, and showing someone you care, go a long way! You may actually get more out of helping someone than the person you are helping.


Some examples to encourage you: help a friend, family member or neighbor
with a chore, meal or an in-person visit. Find a local charity to support such as
360 Communities, Feed My Starving Children, your local church or synagogue, and so many more. See


We hope the work we’ve done together this year has equipped you in moving closer to achieving your mission, whether it be serving others around you or simply being better able to care for those you hold dear. With the spirit of service in mind, we want to thank you for letting me be a part of your lives. Our hope is that, in the year to come, we can make an even bigger contribution to your world and the well-being of those around you.


In 2022, we celebrate our 42nd year in business. We want to sincerely thank you for your continued support, and confidence, in our ability to serve you and your family well. We look forward to the next 42 years of relationship and

We hope you had a wonderful holiday season, enjoyed the occasional snow storm, all of the tasty seasonal foods, and especially the time spent with family and friends. Go outside to play in the snow, throw a snowball or build a snowman. Have fun and celebrate all the blessings in your life!

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