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New Client Software Solution

We are excited to announce a new software solution for our firm and our clients expected to roll out the fourth quarter 2023.
Advyzon is an all-in-one software solution that is rated at or above best-of-breed in categories that integrate with our risk
management and financial planning software including: Client Reporting, Portal, Mobile App, Secure Document and
Account Management. Below is the description of the New WFG Account Summary & Performance Statement.

Page 1. Cover Page – Quarterly date of activity with Advisor contact information


Page 2. Account Summary

Asset Allocation – Top Left

Household asset class percentages on the period end date

Balance Summary – Top Right

Beginning Market Value - The balance at the report beginning date
Contributions - A deposit of cash into an account or investment
Withdrawals - Total distributions from the investment during the report period
Period Realized Gain/Loss - Appreciation of positions sold during the reporting period
Period Unrealized Gain/Loss - Appreciation of positions at the end of the reporting period
Interest Income - Amount of interest that has been earned
Dividend Income - Dividends received
Ending Market Value - The balance at the report end date
Total Gain/Loss after fees - Period Investment gains/losses net of management fees
Report Period Return - Percentage return for the reporting period

Performance – Bottom Left

Table format showing performance and benchmark comparisons. Performance is run by TWR (Time Weighted Return), net of fees for the four quarters and last trailing year.

Portfolio Risk Alignment Current vs Target – Bottom Right

Nitrogen, the world’s first risk alignment platform, mathematically pinpoints how much risk investors want verses how much risk they currently have in their portfolio. This system replaces subjective terms like “moderately conservative” or “moderately aggressive” with the Risk Number, a number between 1 and 99 that pinpoints a client’s comfort zone for downside risk and potential upside gain with a 95% Historical Range.

Page 3. Change in Value by Account
This report displays how each account has changed over the reporting period. This includes: Beginning Market Value, Contributions, Withdrawals, Total Gain/Loss, Ending Market Value & TWR

Growth Chart: Current Household Portfolio Value & Cumulative Net Investment Line (the net amount of all account additions minus all account withdrawals from the inception date).

Page 4. Position Summary Household
Including: Security Name, Symbol, Asset Class, Quantity, Price, Market Value & Percentage Weighting

Page 5. Billing Statement – This report provides an invoice of each client's future period billing information based on the fees calculated within the Billing Center, plus any applicable adjustment and payment details.

We’re very eager to show each client the benefits of this new software tool and how you can use it for helpful up-to-date account information. More to come as our staff is currently learning best practices within the system.

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