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Protect yourself

with CyberSecurity

By Dave Verbeke

Based on the feedback from our recent CyberSecurity seminar, I’ve decided to
share three of the most impactful strategies that were presented that night.
Taking a few extra security measures can reduce your chance of being a victim
of identity theft or hacking.

1. Create a secret email address for your financial accounts. Don’t use any
identifying information in the address or password. Use a strong password
with capital & lower case letters as well as numbers or special characters
(!,&,^,?, etc). If your main email gets hacked your financial accounts remain secure.

2. Enable 2-step verification on email and financial accounts. Most secure websites will offer enhanced security where you need a code that they text to you when you try to login. You’ll need to enter that code in order to gain access. This locks your account to hackers and protects you from unauthorized online transactions.

3. Freeze your credit report with all three reporting agencies. This service is free and is generally more valuable than the pay services they offer. When you use this service, your credit report can’t be accessed without your permission. This prevents credit accounts from being opened in your name without your permission.

Take a few easy steps to protect your online security. If you have questions or would like a copy of the presentation please contact your advisor or request it here.

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