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Robert Herjavec's You don't have to be a shark: Creating your own success

When I wake up in the morning, usually the first thing I think about is, what are my goals today to help reach my goals tomorrow, and the next day. I believe many of us do this differently every morning. Partially because tomorrow's goals are different for each of us.

In an article talking about Robert Herjavec's new book, there were a few lines that stood out to me. The first is a quote from Robert in his book; "A goal without a timeline is just a dream." Having that timeline is just one of the steps needed to turn the dream to a goal and a goal into reality.

In many meetings talking about retirement, someone may say they want to retire at _____ age. Great, they have a goal retirement and a timeline. The big thing I think people need to answer is 'the why'. The more passion and detail you have to your 'Why' the more drive you have to make your dream your reality.

We all want to be successful, and for many success tends to be realizing your goals. Have a timeline and define your why. Many of the most successful people preach writing out your goals. Make them specific, attainable, and measurable, and really understand the WHY. When strong passion is driving the why the actions almost become effortless in trying to reach the goal.

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