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Traveling 2022

By Tim Greife, Financial Advisor

With the emergence of new Covid variants, questions surrounding travel still remain. This leads us to believe that travel will be impacted in 2022. It might be best to use history as a guide and reflect back on the last 2 years of what we’ve seen and learned. Here are some things to consider:


  • Make sure to know local laws. Cities, states, and countries all have different Covid-related laws. Be sure to find out what is required for masks, vaccinations and quarantine. There could be hefty fines for simply not wearing your mask in public.


  • Build flexibility into your plans. Airlines continue to alter flight schedules as staffing remains limited, and travel demand increases. You should always be prepared for delays due to weather, but be sure to include anything that can cause delays. If your flight is canceled or changed, be sure to keep track of airline vouchers or credits. Thankfully, many of us can work or learn remotely, but have a strategy if you need to quarantine before, during or after travel.


  • Plan Way Ahead! Airport traffic continued to increase through 2021, and many are expecting 2022 to be significantly busier. Book your flights ahead of time to make sure that you are able to get the flight times and seat selections you want.


  • Enjoy it! Those that travel have likely encountered frustration from changes and cancellations. For a more enjoyable trip, consider flying first class or upgrade to a nicer room at your hotel. Go ahead and splurge, just keep it within reason and make sure it fits your overall travel budget.

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