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The Value of Good Financial Advice

Tim Greife-Financial Advisor

We tend to equate good financial advice with performance, especially short term performance. In reality, the actual value of good financial advice is measured over a lifetime of investing. As important as performance is, other factors such as tax efficiencies, interest rates, inflation, understanding goals and timelines, as well the impact of human capitol. You should rely on a trusted advisor to help you consider the effect of these factors so you can make good financial decisions for today and in the future.

Simplifying your financial life is also an important factor of good financial advice. Consolidating accounts, streamlining investment solutions and simplifying       complex financial situations help reduce stress in your life and help you feel confident that you’re on the right track.


Over a lifetime, good financial advice can add value in many ways. Although you may not see a direct return today, good financial advice can add to comfortability in being able to achieve and maintain one’s lifestyle. As well, add a piece of sanity when it feels like the financial world is unpredictable.

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