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WFG Client Technology Platforms

Webb Financial Group

We have had many client conversations regarding our platforms. Here is a basic summary of when and why you may access each tool:


1. Riskalyze: Pinpoints an Investor’s Risk Number in order to help us build a portfolio with the right amount of risk for each client.

  • WFG may ask you to fill out a basic risk questionnaire at engagement or every few years.

  • The email for the questionnaire comes from: Webb Financial Group


2. MoneyGuide Pro: Client Portal & Account Aggregation

  • Focuses on a client’s long-term goals through the client portal which allows them to link accounts within their financial plan by choosing the aggregation option.

  • Moneyguide Pro is an interactive tool that gives you a probability of success for your future goals.

  • The email comes from: with the subject of “Your Advisor has given you access to your Financial Plan”. Contact your advisor for the ID, temporary password and instructions to link any outside accounts. Example: company 401k plan, bank accounts & liabilities


3. Morningstar Portal: Morningstar is WFG’s portfolio management tool for client performance reporting. Each quarter, WFG produces an account summary along with our quarterly newsletter. You can also upload documents to this secure portal for future use, as a secure vault.

  • The email comes from: Webb Financial Group with the subject of “Webb Financial Group has posted your Quarterly Reports and Quarterly Newsletter to your Client Web Portal.”


4. Personal Brokerage Firm Access: WFG has client accounts held at either Charles Schwab or Fidelity Investments.

  •, or you can download the app from the app store.

  • When opening any new account, you’ll receive an email from the brokerage firm to establish a Login ID, select a password and setup personal security questions. When you initially sign in, they will ask you to go paperless. We recommend going paperless for trade confirmations and account correspondence at a minimum or your mail box will be full. It’s a personal preference on monthly statements and tax documents. It is more secure to have nothing mailed and go 100% paperless.


Once you go paperless, you receive emails from the brokerage firm. These emails will be general and will contain no confidential information but will direct you to login to see the information provided. Many of our clients delete the brokerage emails and look primarily at the WFG Quarterly Reports for account balances and information.

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