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Join Webb Financial Group for a Savvy Cybersecurity Seminar

On Thursday March 7, 2019, Webb Financial Group will be presenting a free seminar on Cybersecurity.

Click here to register for 2017 College Planning Seminar

At this workshop you will learn:

  • The top 10 identity theft threats you face and the actions you must take to stay safe

  • Three mindsets that will boost your cybersecurity

  • How an email address can protect your financial accounts

  • The 4 ways to protect your wireless network from hackers

  • How to beat the password paradox

  • Once action that will keep hackers out of your financial and your life

  • The one thing all security experts do -- and you should too

  • How to beat ransomware with the "Rule of Three"

  • The 10-second EMAIL rule that will stop phishers in their tracks.

Cybersecurity is a growing threat but you don't have to be hopeless. There are actions you can take today that will block the cyber crooks from wreaking havoc on your identity and your finances. (And you don't need to be a technology expert to do so.)

In this 1 hour seminar, your cybersecurity score and start building a customized cybersecurity action plan that will stop the hackers, identity thieves, and spammers.

After the presentation there will be time for questions, and during there will be light appetizers served. Sign up here!

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