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Thank you for a Successful Shred Event!

Thank you for joining us on a beautiful Saturday morning for Webb Financial Group's 2019 Shred Event! All in all you helped save 31.28 Trees, 12,880 gallons of water, 5.52 cubic yards of landfill, and .92 years of energy for the average home.

Shred Event Stats

Here are some fun pictures from the event:

Dave Verbeke, Investment Advisor, and his son helping load up the documents

into the recycling truck.


Gary Webb, Investment Advisor, RKA, getting some big cash, $100,000 bills no less. Don't spend it all at once, Gary. Who says recycling isn't fun?


Mike Bischoff, Investment Advisor, CFP®, and Kristi Mattiuz,

Controller, hold down the refreshments patio and enjoy chatting with the attendees.


Tim Greife, Investment Advisor, at the refreshments table. Look at all the goodies!


Thank you to all who brought paper to shred and recycle!

We are glad you enjoyed the refreshments and the chance to get rid of your confidential documents.


Shred Event success!

Hoping to see you all at our next Shred Event too!

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