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Webb Financial Group's 2019 October Newsletter is out!

We love it here in Minnesota! Besides getting all four seasons in the year, we also get them in one week! Besides the sudden snow, fall is gorgeous this year with the colors peaking and blue skies all around.

Take advantage of this turn of season and check out Michelle's Fun to-do List for some Autumn activities to try out.

With fall comes college and university - check out what your 529 plan covers for this big expense with 529 College Savings Plan Account—What You Can & Can’t Pay For.

Most company's health care enrollment plans are coming up soon. Learn more about Health Care Plans and Health Savings Accounts.

Chances are you have talk in the news about a recession and when it is coming and how it will effect everyone. Gary breaks down more about Defining a Recession and what they are, how Webb Financial Group is taking action in case of one, and our new risk profiles.

Click on the image for the newsletter in printable PDF form!

October 2019 WFG Newsletter
October 2019 WFG Newsletter
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